Sworn Translation

Any document written in another language may need a Sworn Translation. A Sworn Translation is required for documents that must take legal effect before an official body. A Sworn Translation is always signed and sealed by a Sworn Translator and has official legal validity before authorities.

How to request a sworn translation service

Traducción Jurada

First step

Send us a copy of the document which requires a Sworn Translation by email to: info@cblingua.com, by or by post to any of our translation offices, whose addresses may be found here. Quotes for translations can only be given by email or post and not by phone. In order to request a Sworn Translation service, the original documents are not required provided that the quality of the scanned document is such that we can read it.

Second step

Once you have accepted the quote we have sent you and the corresponding payment receipt has been received by email, our sworn translator will begin working on the translation of the document. When this is complete, the Sworn Translation will be sent to the address you provide us with.

Third step

Let us know the postage method with which you prefer your Sworn Translation to be sent: recorded post, express post or courier, or if you prefer you can collect your Sworn Translation in any of our translation offices.

“Before taking on a translation we always ensure that it will be carried out by a Sworn Translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This will guarantee the full legal validity of the translation.”

Examples of documents that require a sworn translation:

There are many documents that may require a Sworn Translation. Among the most common:

Sworn translation of University Degrees and Diplomas
Sworn translation of Grade Transcripts
Sworn translation of Birth Certificates
Sworn translation of Family Record Books
Sworn translation of National Identity Cards or Passports
Sworn translation of Certificates of Criminal Record
Sworn translation of Marriage Certificates
Sworn translation of Adoption Procedures
Sworn translation of Notarial Deeds
Sworn translation of Contracts
Sworn translation of Articles
Sworn translation of Patents
Sworn translation of Court Judgements or Judicial Rulings

As well as our Sworn Translation services, we offer legal advice to all our clients, whether they be businesses or private individuals, in matters of international, economic and financial law and in all types of documentation that may be presented in official organisations in civil, criminal, contentious, administrative and labour matters in the international arena.