The 4th Conference of the Spanish Modern Languages Society

spanish modern languages


As this year CBLingua shall once again be speaking at the CONFERENCE OF THE SPANISH MODERN LANGUAGES SOCIETY (SELM) , held in Seville, I would like to introduce this Languages conference to those of you out there who have not yet had the chance to attend in previous years.

The 4th Conference of the Spanish Modern Languages Society (IV Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Lenguas Modernas (SELM)) is to be held in Seville at the Hotel Sevilla Center Avda. de la Buhaira, 24 from the 13th-14th of November 2014.

The aim of this language-orientated conference is to provide a meeting space in which not only members of said Society, but also professionals and students specialised in modern languages, can meet in order to discuss, debate, learn about and above all enjoy a wide range of topics mainly focusing on the world of translation.

spanish modern languages

The talks are presented by academic and professional staff with experience in their specific area and who wish to share the results of their hard work, projects and studies. The five principle areas into which the presentations have been divided are the following sections: general and specialised translation; audiovisual translation, translation and new technologies (localisation), language didactics and the business and associate´s forum

This year from CBlingua, the translators Ana Pernía Rodríguez, Pilar López Bajo and Rachael Pennington shall be presenting the results of the company´s hard work and dedication to the official translation sector in the talk titled “The keys to success in the translation market: a sector unaffected by the economic crisis” (“Claves para triunfar en el mercado de la traducción: un sector sin crisis”).

Ana Pernía Rodríguez, shall kick start the talk for Cblingua, today a leading Translation Agency in the current market, by broaching current trends in the sector, the latest translation tools and technology and programmes and resources that translation professionals can make excellent use of.

Pilar López Bajo plans to discuss the language training necessary to succeed as a translator in today´s current employment market addressing mainly trainee sworn translators and those professionals who are looking for expert advice on how to perfect their skills and make the most of the resources available on the web. Finally I, Rachael Pennington, shall discuss the “Importance of being native” in the translation sector and the importance of having the linguistic resources and tools available to produce native-quality translations when translating into a language that is not your mother tongue.

Other talks that I shall definitely be attending and that I recommend to any other language-lovers or translators out there are, is that by Patrick Zabalbeascoa Terran. On Thursday 13th, he shall present a talk on the translation of the humour of Lolita depending on the Director, and shall broach both the translation of film and literature focusing on this famous work by Vladimir Nabokov.

Also on Thursday, Pablo Muñoz Sánchez shall be presenting a step-by-step talk on the translation of Android apps within the translation and new technologies sector, which is an essential talk for all those translators interested in localisation and translating software.

Finally, the talk titled “A Few Theoretical Tips Addressed to Trainee Translators on how to Approach the Practice of Poetic Translation of Poetry (English-Spanish)” by José Ruiz Mas cannot be missed by translators that are new to the world of translation who wish to gain insight into a very specialist field.

In addition to the academic presentations on offer at the Conference, a Corporate Convention shall be open to all attendees offering insight into the professional world of languages. Many companies belonging to translation sector or that provide linguistic services will be offering advice, insight, expertise and much more on Friday 14th at 16.30.

We hope to see many familiar and new faces at this year´s conference, and above all are looking forward to sharing our vision with sworn translators, trainee translators, language students, professionals of the language world, and native speakers of many languages.

For more information, visit the conference´s website:

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