The European Day of Languages

european day languages

Today, the 26th of September, is the European Day of Languages! This event is celebrated on a world-wide scale, celebrating over 6,000 languages. Did you know that Europe is home to over 200 languages alone, 23 of which are official languages of the European Union. This multicultural day which pays homage to the linguistic wealth that is the continent of Europe, promotes language learning and the benefits that speaking another language can bring and nurtures cultural and linguistic diversity.

Anyone can get involved in this day assigned by the Council of Europe, and there are many ways to participate and spread the love of language learning and cultural diversity. From the smallest children in schools across the world who are still getting to grips with their native tongue, University languages who wish to interact with speakers of foreign languages and perfect their skills to enter the working world, to all those translators, interpreters, writers and editors who live and breathe languages on a daily basis and flourish in their presence and not forgetting everyday people with a secret passion for the written word in more languages than you can ever imagine. The European Day of Languages can be celebrated and enjoyed by all!

european day languages

Here are just some of the ways you can celebrate the 13th edition of this fantastic linguistic event across the world

Madrid, Spain: The 3rd Edition of the “European Culture Open Day. European Day of Languages” 25th September 2014. 17:00 – 22:30 h

Come celebrate with some of the biggest promoters of languages and culture in Europe that have main offices in Madrid, such as the British Council, Alliance Française, Instituto Cervantes and many more. EUNIC España have organised a European cultural and linguistic marathon, offering endless activities for language lovers such as mini language courses, food sessions, guided visits, exhibitions, storytelling, drama, music, cinema etc. Also don´t miss out on their fantastic “Language Passport” experience for the chance to win prizes donated by the participatory associations.

London, England: International Translation Day. British Library. 26th September 2014.

The British Library makes the most of this day devoted to languages to celebrate a profession that is inherent to the world of languages. This event is aimed at translators and interpreters, students, publishers, booksellers and many more to debate, learn, interact and meet others that share a passion for the profession.

Marseille, France: European Day of Languages in Marseille. 26th September 2014.

This event, organised by the European Commission involves a wide range of workshops for pupils and adults; conferences on language learning; speed speaking and language cafés. Not forgetting the performance of a multilingual concert.
This day promotes not only the use of foreign languages but also knowledge about the cultural background of the different cultures from which they stem.

Thanks to this world-wide event, many adults, students and young children are inspired to study or work abroad and become more open-minded, more conscious and tolerant of other cultures.

At present, given the current economic climate and the slow-paced employment sector, this day focused on giving our students the tools to move freely in the global multicultural bubble the world has become.Speaking more than one language in today´s society is almost a requisite in some countries to enter in the working world.

All our translators at CBlingua will be celebrating their one true passion today, don´t hesitate to join us!

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