Translation of your Winning CV for the British Market: Tips, tricks and what NOT to do…

translation of your winning cv

Thinking about moving to the UK to work? You have your bags packed, your wallet filled with pounds and of course a folder with all your essential documents to work including a sworn translation of your transcript and degree certificate and your criminal record certificate, yet have you forgotten something?

Your CV is your key to gaining access to the working world; it the document that will represent you before the many employees with possible positions for you. Many Spanish hopefuls jet off to London with their CV in their pocket perhaps translated by themselves, or a friend, yet is this really the best way to ensure that the first impression your first potential employee has of you is the very best it can possibly be?

Many of us are not aware of the importance of a good translation of a CV. A CV presents your life achievements, your education, your skills and everything you can offer….think of the terrible impression that can be gained if there are spelling mistakes, if the employee is not completely sure which degree you have studied or of the qualifications you possess. A well-presented, well-translated and perhaps most importantly, well-localized CV can be your key to success when moving to the UK and hunting for a job.

translation of your winning cv

Our native translators are on hand to help you get the job that is fitting to your potential. The translation of a CV is not an easy task, and we therefore always take the following tips into account when it comes to the translation of your CV:

Back to basics

There is no right or wrong way to write a CV but there are some important sections each CV should include such as personal and up-to-date information, your educational background and qualifications. It is essential the same are translated to best represent your abilities, as a bad translation could lead to employers rejecting your candidature if you do not meet their requirements. Also a quick tip regarding presentation, it is not usual to include a photo on CVs in the UK!

Tailoring your CV to the role

This aspect when writing a CV is fundamental, as not only are you demonstrating that you understand the role which you are applying for, but you can prove that you match each requirement. Tell us exactly the company and position you are applying for and ensure that your CV coincides with your dream job. Remember, it is not advisable to create a “generic cv” but to tailor your CV to each potential employee. This does not consist of re-writing the whole CV, but just adapting particular details so your CV stands out and is relevant to the post.

Making your skills stand out

It is essential that your CV shows off your key skills to help you to stand out from the crowd. It is usual on a CV for the UK to include your communication skills; I.T. skills; capacity of working in a team; problem solving and of course language skills. The most important thing is that you demonstrate these skills through your experiences and achievements. Our native speakers will ensure that your experiences clearly and expressly provide coherent evidence of your many skills.

Your all-important professional experience

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