Why choose a Translation Agency over a Freelance Translator?

translator agency

When it comes to meeting your sworn translation needs, whether you are an individual looking to translate your academic documents in order to work or study abroad, or a company wishing to expand their business activity into foreign markets and therefore require their website translated into various languages, just exactly where should you go to ensure you receive the best quality translation for your money.

There are thousands of translation providers all over the world yet despite this we can estimate that they all fall into one of two categories; Professional Translation Companies and individual Freelance Translators. The important question is therefore, which one should you choose?

Tranlation agency or Freelance translator?

It is in fact a misconception that an individual translator may be able to offer better prices as the middleman is essentially taken out of the equation, many large translation companies with high volumes of work can afford to offer competitive prices, often a lot more affordable than freelancers. It is often the case that companies are able to provide these competitive prices and still ensure the quality of the end result.

translator agency

Concerning the end result, that is to say the completed translation, another point that the client must take into account when choosing their translation supplier is the quality of their work. It is very possible that those customers with specialised translation needs, for example official, scientific or technical translations, have no way of testing the quality of the freelancer’s translations, nor their efficiency or experience. Translation companies however are capable of guaranteeing high quality work due to their knowledge and expertise in the field in which they work, and their ability to match specialised translations with experienced and qualified translators.

Choosing a reputable translation company lowers the risk of receiving poor results as opposed to working with a freelancer. It is advisable to check reviews and comments left online by the professional company´s previous customers; it will not be difficult to find proof of the success of the better, highly regarded translation companies. Other things to look out for may be their involvement in the world of translation, their attendance at conferences in the field, their presence in the media and of course how up to date their websites are. All these clues can point to a company that will guarantee high quality official translations. Many of these leading companies are also willing to offer trial services.

Furthermore, it is worth taking into account that reputable translating companies always establish strict tests and rules when selecting their translators. Their staff members will all have advanced degrees in the field of translation and shall often hold various qualifications in their area of specialisation, which may vary from Medicine to Finance to Law. On top of that, professional translation companies often only employ staff that possess several years of experience in their field and that therefore have the necessary competence to offer translations of high standards, that are correct in the sense of the terminology employed and that provide the suited style and tone as intended in the original text.

Furthermore, on the contrary to freelancers, it is well known that reputable companies employ proofreaders that review and edit final translations ensuring that the final product is 100% accurate and therefore guaranteeing quality.

Moving on to the final point, the middleman that is omitted when choosing a freelancer, i.e. the Translation Project Managers, are another valid reason for selecting a company over an individual. Excellent project management is another great aspect of a company that works in your favour when wishing to receive good translation results. The customer-company communication that the translation project management team can establish ensures that all clients’ translation needs are fulfilled throughout the entire duration of the project. Whether concerning deadlines, payment or specific translation requirements, they assure that all doubts and queries are solved quickly and effectively. Their organisation and management will guarantee that you receive your translation on time without any delays and that you are up to date on all advances concerning the project.

To conclude, there are fantastic, reputable companies out there that can offer prices that are very reasonable and competitive with respect to those of individual freelance translators in today’s markets, yet it is often down to the client to seek them out. As previously mentioned, don’t forget to prepare, compare companies, check their websites and more often enough their customer reviews will speak for themselves.

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