Mixed Marriage

To be able to enter into a mixed marriage, (in other words marrying a foreign national), it is first necessary to process a file containing a series of necessary documents.

Foreign citizens whose documents are not issued in the Spanish language must present their documents translated by a sworn translator.

Non-Spanish nationals must present translated copies of:

  • Complete birth certificate
  • Complete Single Status Certificate. In case of being divorced, marriage certificate with divorce annotation of testimony of the divorce sentence.

What is a Sworn Translator?

A Sworn Translator or interpreter has authorisation from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation through their signature and seal. All their translations have legal validity before the authorities and official organisations.

“If you need a translation for a mixed marriage, always make sure it is carried out by a Sworn Translator in order to guarantee the necessary legal validity of the translation and of the mixed marriage.”

Sworn Translation Service

Traductores Oficiales offers a Sworn Translation service for carrying out a mixed marriage.

Do you need a Sworn Translation for your mixed marriage?

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