Scientific Translation

One of the typologies most in demand in the translation sector is scientific translation. This type of text is characterized by presenting a very specialized language, referring to specific topics and usually lacking in stylistic resources.

Its difficulty makes scientific translation one of the most difficult disciplines in the field of translation since it has the added scientific component. The scientific translator must be fully trained in the field to which the text refers.

Scientific translation is usually related to technical translation, due to the number of characteristics it shares, the main difference between both typologies is the topics they deal with. However, it is sometimes difficult to classify the subject into one typology or another, which is why it can be called scientific-technical translation.

traducción científica

What are the most requested scientific translation services?

Some of the most common texts that require a scientific translation are:

  • Scientific articles. They are usually informative in nature and can address a wide range of topics. They are written by professionals who are experts in the field and aim to inform about progress in a specific field of expertise. In these cases, the documentation work by the translator must be exhaustive.
  • Abstract. They are very common and briefly summarize the content of a longer article. They are often used in magazines, conferences, etc.
  • Scientific manuals. Here, the work of the translator extends in time and it is necessary for him to work for weeks, or even months, depending on the length of the document.
  • They serve to delve into a specific topic: biology, geology, medicine, optics … and are characterized by the subjective nuance of their author.
    This type of academic document can also be translated. They have a fairly specific structure and are generally large.
  • Research, this dissemination of science occurs through congresses, lectures and conferences. For this, the work of an interpreter is essential. The translation can be simultaneous, consecutive, bilateral, etc., all depending on the requirements of the person who hires the services and the public summoned.

Is scientific translation more expensive?

Many clients may think that being a complex specialization, scientific translation can present exorbitant prices. However, this is not the case. It depends on the type of document, the format, its terminology, etc.

Where can I hire a scientific translation service?

Not all Translation Agencies are specialized and trained to work with this type of translation, as it has many demands and added difficulty. The complexity of this typology implies the need to hire professional translators and interpreters, who have training and specialization in the scientific sector.

The group of scientific translators is very specific and limited, since it requires a lot of specialization and knowledge of the subject. At Traductores Oficial we have a team of professional translators specialized in scientific matters who are highly experienced. In many cases, our translators also have a degree in the field of health. In this way, the project is always assigned to the translator specialized in the matter.

If you have a document or need an interpretation service in the scientific field, use the services of Official Translators. Our translators have experience in this sector and know how to adapt to the needs and demands of clients. Get in touch with us through and you can receive the budget for your project today.