Do you need a Sworn Translation of a Birth Certificate?

sworn translation of a Birth Certificate is required in order to be able to carry out various official procedures, among which the most common tend to be applications for citizenship, civil partnerships and getting married.

What is a Birth Certificate?

Birth Certificate is a document issued by the Civil Registry or consulate of each country which attests to the birth itself, the date on which it took place, the sex, and, where applicable, the hour of the birth and the parentage of the registrant.



On its website, the Ministry of Justice details who may request a Birth Certificate, how and where.

Do I need a Sworn Translation of my Birth Certificate?

You will need a sworn translation of your Birth Certificate if it is required for procedures or an Official Civil Registry, and your Birth Certificate is written in any other language other than Spanish.

The same will apply if your Birth Certificate is written in Spanish, and you need to submit it in a non-Spanish speaking foreign country. In any case, it is the responsibility of the official body or administration that requests it of you  to confirm that it is essential to present an Official Sworn Translation of your Birth Certificate.

Minimum prices for a sworn translation of a document:

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