Sworn Translation of Articles

The Sworn Translation of Articles (Certificate of incorporation of a company etc…) will be essential to enforce said articles in a country whose official language is different to that of the language the article was composed in (for example, articles composed in French in Spain or articles in Spanish in France).

Official Sworn Translation

An Official Sworn Translation is a special translation that can only be done by a sworn translator authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who will stamp the translation, making it 100% valid throughout Spain.

Certificate of Incorporation and Company Articles

Establishing a company in Spain requires a Certificate of Incorporation, or agreement of incorporation between the partners, and some Articles of Association, that regulate the running of a company. Both documents should be put on public record through a notarial deed and filed in the Companies Registry.

Scanned Document

When is the Sworn Translation of Articles required?

You will need a Sworn Translation of the company Articles if they are written in a different language to the official language of the country where said Articles are requested.

For example, if you need to carry out a process in Spain concerning a business established abroad, and you need to submit your articles originally written in French, they will probably require from you a Sworn Translation of said Articles in Spanish.

In any event, always communicate with your lawyer or with the body that requests the Articles to establish if a Sworn Translation of these documents is essential.

Minimum prices for a sworn translation of a document:

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