Sworn English Translator – Sworn English Translation.

The English language, without a doubt, is the leader in spoken communication and in bureaucratic prodecures for Spanish citizens who decide to work or complete their studies in Anglophone countries. More than fifty per cent of Sworn Translations carried out every year are in English.

At Traductores Oficiales we have an urgent Sworn English Translation service for short documents to all of Spain. With official offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Malaga and Cadiz we will personally attend to all clients who need a Sworn Translation service for short documents. All of our sworn translators of English are accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, as such, all of our sworn translations of English are legally valid before the authorities.

How to request a sworn English-Spanish translation service

Step One

Send the scanned documentation for which you need a Sworn Translation to us via this email address: info@cblingua.com or by post to any of our translation agencies. To request a Sworn Translation service the original documents are not required as long as the quality of the document allows us to read it.

Step Two

Upon receipt of the proof of payment by email, our Sworn Translator will begin work on the Sworn Translation of the document. Once it has been completed the Sworn Translation will be sent to the supplied address.

Step Three

Let us know your preferred payment method for your Sworn Translation: by registered post, urgent post, courier or if you prefer, you can come and collect your Sworn Translation in any of our translation agencies.

How much does a Sworn English Translation cost?

At Traductores Oficiales we offer, without a doubt, the best prices for your Sworn Translation in English. Our prices are the most competitive on the market, and we invite you to compare them with any other translation agency!

We have a fixed price for short documents (certificates, passports, academic qualifications…) For documents with more than 350 words a tariff per word is always applied, making the service much more reliable.

Customary rates for Sworn English Translations:

  • Sworn English Translation: €30 per document (illustrative price)
  • Sworn English Translation: €0.085-.09 per word

What is a Sworn Translator of English?

A sworn translator of English is similar to a certifying officer, since they are responsible for validating and certifying that the content of an official document corresponds to that of its Sworn Translation in English. The sworn translator of English, through their sign and seal, attests to and assures the legal validity of the documentation. A sworn translator of English does not only carry out translation into the English language but also into Spanish. As such, a sworn translator of English will carry out a translation into Spanish and into English with the same efficiency and professionalism.

How do I know if I need a Sworn Translator of English?

Sworn Translations give a similar legal status to a notarial act, publicly attesting to the fidelity and the sincerity of the content of a document written in another language. As such, if your documentation holds legal validity and requires presentation before a public administration, a legal body or an academic institution, a Sworn Translation will have to be produced that bears the sign and seal of the sworn translator of English, who acts in the capacity of a certifying officer.

Frequently requested English translations for private individuals:

Among the most common documents that require a sworn translator in English are the following:

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